Keno And The Needed Things You Should Know

It can be said that Keno is one of the interesting online casino games that attracts many gamblers over the world. It is always important to learn the rules and the tips before joining any online casino game. You can find hundreds of Keno game results on Google however, be a wise player when choosing the most accurate and reliable information. Learn More: The Most Effective Football Betting Methods You Should Know

This article will introduce you to the rules of the game as well as some tips and tricks for playing Keno most effectively. Please join us in the following information to be able to understand better!

how to play keno

What are the Keno basic rules? 

Keno is one of the most attractive online casino games today. Its rules are quite simple, the player chooses the numbers from 1 to 80. After the player has placed a bet, 20 numbers will be drawn randomly, possibly using a lottery machine like lottery and bingo, or by random number generator. Players are paid according to the number of numbers on the ticket selected, in accordance with the number drawn and the corresponding bet amount.

Instructions to play Keno online

Keno is not only popular at traditional casinos, but also online at betting sites thanks to the development of technology and the Internet. The online version of Keno is similar to the version played in real casinos.

Each dial is 5 minutes apart and each number that is selected is considered a score box. The player can select as many squares as they want, either 5, 10 or 20. Some dealers may allow the player to select even one. Depending on the number of spots selected by the player, the player will have to match the drawn number to match the chosen number in order to win.

The winnings depend on the amount the player bet on initially. Players always lose their initial stake, just like when you paid for a ticket.

In the example above, if the player had a winning number, he would get back half of the bet. If you win two numbers, the player will get back the exact amount he bet. Most of the time, players must have more than 4 winning numbers to win a large amount.


Keno is not a game that requires a lot of tactics. Like the lottery, playing Keno relies entirely on luck. Once a player has chosen numbers, there is no way to influence the outcome of the game. Because the numbers are chosen randomly and never the same with each other. Some players may try different methods when choosing numbers but the results are randomized.

how to play keno

Because you play Keno according to the prize table available, the amount you receive will not affect the number of players or how many people choose the same number with you. If you want to know the best chance of winning, you can see how often the winning number of each number you choose is won.

Keno is a game of chance and success, mainly because of luck. So just play to be entertaining and relaxing. Remember that all betting games are not a way to make money. Players should stop in time, do not let money lose disability.


Above is a small article that gives you a few notes as well as simple rules for playing Keno. If you want more details or more playing tips, please visit our website for more details. Hopefully this article will help you easily win the process of playing Keno online. Good Luck! 

how to play keno